April 06, 2006

The Uneducated Future

How many of our youth must be lost before this nation recognizes that the most important investment in the world is guaranteeing a fulfilling future for the next generation? Education is the most important tool and/or catalyst to reaching life goals. However, believe it or not countless thousands in the United States cannot afford higher education. The lucky ones who can afford to go to school do so baring a much larger burden than their parents once did. An average college student today works two jobs, goes to school full time and relies very heavily on state assistance. The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) budget has been recently cut and now president Bush is proposing to cut into the most widely used assistance: Federal Loans. About 40 of college students receive the assistance of Stafford and/or Perkins Loans. These loans are extremely valuable because they are provided by the government and have low interest rates. If these loans are cut many will no longer be able to attend College. With the astronomical increase in tuition costs and the continuous cuts in assistance, soon college will be a luxury only afforded to the nations wealthy.
On Monday April 3 Congresswomen Nita Lowey cam e to Pace University to speak to faculty and students about it the importance of investing in this nations youth. The Congresswomen spoke about the many students that would need to incur if it were not for these loans. Lowey also stressed the need for more government action to protect against the reduction and or eradication of federal loan programs. “This is one investment that this country needs to make,” the Congresswomen said and it is quite clearly the truth.
In the end, though it is wonderful to know that some of the nations legislative branch is fighting for our future, we as college students must recognize our importance and find our voice in this struggle for an educated future. Since these legislation impact the youth of this nation the most, it is that same youth that must be heard most loudly.
Know you might be asking: what can I do about this. The answer is that you can do a whole lot. First do a little internet serving about loan cuts or go onto Congresswomen Nita Lowey’s website and see what bills she is fighting against, or lobby for that pertain to education. You should also exercise your right to free speech and contact your local senator. Call them and tell them that you are urging them not to support any legislation that cuts federal loans. Don not be intimidated by calling your local officials, because they really work for you. These officials are elected and you are the one who has power over that so take it. You could also start a petition on campus etc. I think you get my drift that there really is a whole slew of different things you can do. So do not let this nation’s future lose their right, or yours, to a better tomorrow.


sam said...

I think education opens not only the mind but many other doors, it can be used as a method for social control!

Uneducated people are more likely to be misled, succumb to the politics of fear, and vote against their own interests!

elizabeth said...

Any proper democracy must, as you say, invest in education first and foremost. Well said!

Prometheus said...

The GI Bill, that gave the opportunity to WWII soldiers to go to college, has been a great success. For every 1 dollar spent on the program we got 2 dollars in return--and this counts only the financial effect of a worthwile federal program. Imagine the added improvement in a person's quality of life achieved through education!

If we're going to have "a culture of life" we have to make it so when it counts; not abandon a person after he's born. To me, government doesn't exist to provide ..everything to everybody, but at least it should provide the access & the opportunity to the individual to realize their own potential. Education it the key in my opinion, because it gives you a better chance to improve your lot in a very skewed socio-economic system. Unfortunately, the powers that be don't seem to give access via education to the ..masses.