January 22, 2007

Welcome Political Science Students!

This blog will soon be hosting essays by students of Political Science. The politics of the 21st century have already been affected by the rise of new media, like the blogs. Major candidates for the presidency now announce their intent on their internet site/blog instead of other traditional media. This new versatile medium has also made it possible for non-traditional candidates to get their message across, get more people involved at the grassroots level, and perform another important function: raise lots of money!

This blog is going to be a forum for discussion and exchange of information about issues of political concern. Yet, the direct participation of college students in this blog will undoubtedly bring us interesting perspectives and thoughtful observations. Unlike other blogs, the posted essays will be the result of serious effort that college students produce for class credit, and will serve as a public record of such work.

Interested students who would like to serve as co-editors here on this blog please apply by contacting the administrators.

Cheers for a great semester and for an exciting new year.

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