February 13, 2007

America’s Long-Awaited Community Conversations

By Nadia Chit-Montiel

My fellow Americans, today I am announcing my decision to run as a candidate for the 2008 presidential elections. I feel that the time has come to get a different perspective of our great nation and we need to give ourselves the opportunity to find different solutions to our problems. I am asking you to join me, not solely as Americans, but as members of a great community that embraces the benefits our nation reaps on a daily basis. It is time for change and although some say not all change is good; I like to say you never know until you try.

We need to look at our issues at hand on a macro and micro-scale. Something we have been avoiding to admit and do for the past six years. We must evaluate the gender gap that is becoming wider on a daily basis. We must look at the values of our nation and the American Dream, because last I checked it is slowly dying.

Our future generations are growing up in a world that older members may say is impersonal and their generation calls freedom. We are “witnessing the Creolization of media” and with this we are loosing the traditions that we pride ourselves on. At the same time we are all gaining information at a speed we never imagined. The growth in technology is causing us to loose sight of the summer days in July playing baseball and catching fireflies while we wait for the ice cream truck. At the same time we are capable of finding multiple solutions in a matter of seconds, it’s taking the time from our hectic lives to find these solutions which now seems to be the problem.

We are submersing ourselves into being a nation that watches life on the sidelines instead of going out and experiencing it. We are loosing the battle against fear, fear that has been imposed upon us in the name of national security and patriotism. We must reevaluate these situations and find a way to regain the sense of community on a local and national level.

There is a growing disparity among our population in many sectors.

My fellow citizens, as members of any group, it is said that we are only as strong as those who lead us! In which case I ask you, what problems will our future generations face? What resources are we leaving behind to aid them? What happened to our fireside chats and learning from our elders? Then again when did our elders stop listening to the needs of our future? We have become an irresponsible, negligent, and unapproachable nation. We must learn that we cannot meddle in everyone’s business until we figure out what we have done wrong at home and fix it. Once we fix it, then and only then can we decide to help other nations reach our caliber. And if we do make that decision, then we must make a conscious effort to help them in the long run not just up until the point it is convenient to us.

I know I have said that we are a nation, the American community, but I would like to remind you that we are also part of a global community and our acts both on and off shore have long-term consequences. We must begin to re-educate ourselves on the issues that affect our nation and our global communities, and we must begin to foster a healthy dialogue between the different groups that represent our world. I’m not saying I can satisfy everyone’s needs alone, but I know I will try and I know that it will take your active participation on addressing your concerns that will help me better understand you.
A great American literary figure once said “the future becomes the present, the present becomes the past, and the past turns into everlasting regret if you don't plan for it!"

On that note America, let us make a deal with each other! Let us agree that the more we learn about each other, the better understanding and capability we have to solve the problems that need reparations. Let us agree that I will take time getting to know you as long as you give yourselves the opportunity to see things not only through my eyes but also through those around us. Let us allow ourselves the opportunity to look back and observe the lives of our neighbors and try to understand them. Let us work together and plan for the OUR future!

America I will walk in your shoes if you promise to do the same. I will pick you up when you’re tired. Let us talk America, let us talk and get to the root of things! Let us not blame others for the bad things in life! Instead let us take action, discuss the issues, find solutions and fix the problems!

Thank you.


new yorker said...

“the future becomes the present, the present becomes the past, and the past turns into everlasting regret if you don't plan for it!"

This is so true!

You have very good ideas and you see & appreciate the greater picture. I wish more of our leaders had your sensitivities.

We need more civility, co-operation, and less fanaticism in our society. If our leaders aren't willing to change, we should change our leaders.

mark twain said...

Perhaps we are becoming more lazy, I don't know. America was the land of opportunity, of self-motivation, of going out there and making a life for one's self. But, you're right, we're losing grasp of the simpler stuff in life. Technology is great, but can't be a substitute for everything.

Information is great to have but what is the use if you can't understand it, can't process it, or you prefer to let your mind turn into mush....