February 20, 2007

President for the People

By W. Michaels

Let me begin by first not making any promises about when & where things will be changed, but however giving you my word that I will do my very best to grant Americans & others peace & prosperity within my terms in office and for our future generations. With my number one objective being to take control of the situation over in the Middle East, mainly dealing with Iraq/Iran and Israel, and to bring home the soldiers that have supported the United States and have fought in our name.

Though we have had several incidents within our own homeland, which were act’s of “Terrorism” we cannot hold an entire country or religion responsible for such acts! So we need to open our arms an embrace other countries that need assistance with famine and disease and other natural disaster’s. Building the support with our allies & making new bonds with other nations should be an imperative part of our country's foreign policy. Further, it is important to protect our national security, but give people back their basic rights of freedom (tapping of phones/questioning without lawyer).

The following issues are important, and I would like you, the American public to know my stance on them, so that you may make informed decisions as citizens of this nation.

TAXES: Tax cuts for the working & middle class, with an (+) increase of taxes on the Big Businesses & the rich. Education within the inner cities and tax cuts for those that need assistance sending their children to the proper institutions.

SOCIAL PROGRAMS: Medicare & Social Security need to be reformed with the importance of taking care of the elderly and sick, long term. Assistance from local & state government to help those affected by the devastating Hurricane Katrina; rebuilding the state of Louisiana, and helping those that lost property and all of their belongings.

CLIMATE CHANGE: This administration has ignored this issue of climate change. Global warming is a fact, and as responsible global citizens we need to address the issue of global warming!

CRIMINAL JUSTICE: The criminal justice system also needs to be corrected! There are a lot of innocent people incarcerated within the prisons that need there just due a fair and bias justice system.

These are just a few of the improvements that I would work on if appointed into office as your next president, eventually to be re-elected for the following term and continue in making America a major impact in decision making throughout the world.

Thank you and good night!

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