February 21, 2007

Clinton and the Envrionment

By Jared Taylor

Concern for the environment should be a major topic in the 2008 elections, but will it be discussed among the candidates?

Global warming is occurring and who ever takes the presidency must address this foremost issue, because we only have one planet and we must take care of it. On the side of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is considered the front runner and her position on the environment will in part make or break her run for the presidency.

As a New York State junior senator, Clinton worked on the Environment and Public Works Committee, where she fought to clean up New York’s air and water. Clinton has also worked on creating a balanced energy policy that would see more jobs created in the alternative fuel industry as well as create cleaner, more reliable energy.

Combating global warming requires that these steps are taken. The government must look to alternative fuels while at the same time spurring economic activity. Clinton’s energy policies while a senator have crafted a nice platform for her in her run to the presidency. She has created a solid foundation for her energy policy inthe White House. To quote from Hillary Clinton’s state senator website on climate change:

Given the scientific evidence that we have and the potential consequencesof continued warming, I strongly believe this nation needs to take sensible first steps to slow and ultimately reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that contribute to climate change.

Clinton goes on to say that she supports investment in renewable energy, but she also states that in order to reduce emissions we must allow the free markets to act and that the government should not interfere. Clinton offers promising ideas on fighting global climate change. If she was elected president, I believe that she would propose legitimate energy policies that would do the world some good.

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