February 10, 2007

Vote for Me 2008: Courtney Shannon

“Good afternoon America. Today I would like to announce that I have formed an exploratory committee for the 2008 Presidential Campaign. This committee will be a grassroots committee, and I personally am calling for your support. Together we can work towards unity, for progress, strength, and courage. We can protect the values that strengthen America and ensure that every American is guaranteed their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This country has patriotically united many times to overcome many obstacles it has faced. Now we must unite with the same enthusiasm with our global allies to overcome challenges.

As part of my announcement to run for President of these United States in 2008, I would like to bring attention to something my opponents are not talking enough about, climate change and global warming. We must bravely resolve the energy crisis, and adapt to climate change, through implementation of current technology, and development of new innovations. We must provide economic incentives to both companies and individuals who use sustainable development practices. We must break our addiction not only to foreign oil, but end our dependence on oil, and invest in our future, by investing in viable alternative solutions. By assuring a healthy planet, we assure a healthy home for the world’s 6.6 billion people.

Further we must fight for human rights and strengthen our commitment to foreign aid, specifically in Darfur, Sudan. We must empower world leaders with the ability to bring an end to the genocide. As a world leader this country must use its power to fight more than terrorists. It’s about time we use our resources to gain respect of the rest of the world.

I do understand terrorism is a serious issue; and as an individual who lost some one in 9/11 I fully understand how overpowering the need for retribution can be. However, our country is in a war that does not have the faith of the American people behind it. When elected, I will ensure that I do not leave a mess for future generations. I will work as hard as possible to get your brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors-our troops, home.

In addition, we must ensure that every American citizen is granted his or her rights and liberties. We must guarantee a decent and affordable education, so that this country can continue to continue to be an economic leader, full of educated and able citizens. We must be able to guarantee healthcare by providing a national health insurance plan. We must develop and strengthen emergency action plans for disaster management, so that horrors like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina do not occur again.

I have great plans for this nation. I urge you to join my campaign. Together, we can unite America.”


Steven Parris Samuels said...

Mcshannon/Samuels 2008!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great ticket to me.