February 10, 2007

Vote for Me 2008: Olivia T. Grey

Good Evening,

It has been a terrible trend of the recent decades for politicians to be masters of the word. The image of a politico talking their way out of a paper bag is one that fills all of our minds. It is for this reason that I will keep my words today short, for I can not prove my dedication to this nation simply through my voice, but it is my actions on which I should be judged. America has for too long been ushered into the phase of the filibuster, it is time that someone in Washington stand up and not speak, but act. Today I am announcing my candidacy for president of these here great states of America. I believe the existence of a strong president who will act upon their word is long over due, and I seek to fill this vacancy. I have spent the last five months traveling to each and every state. I do not plan to play the numbers game, I will not, like past candidates, simply visit those states who have a large number of electorate, because I feel that every person in every state is not only an important, but an essential part of why America is great. We are a country based on the individuals, and it is for every individual that I will run.

It is upon this basis that I seek to reform the way in which Washington works. For too long we have come down to a nation in a culture war. Red states, Blue states…aren’t we all just purple? A nation with individual views and individuals needs requires a president who may cater to all individuals and not be beholden to a rigid party platform. It has come time that we as a nation refuse to vote down the party line, but instead vote for the candidate who can best serve YOU. It is for this reason that I have developed my own platform, aside from that of the party under which I fall, The GOP. My platform may be found on my website.

I urge you all to become educated on the candidates, and I will be seeing you all soon as I continue my trek across this beautiful nation.

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Anonymous said...

"I believe the existence of a strong president who will act upon their word is long over due, and I seek to fill this vacancy"

Yes, we do need a strong president, but one that WILL take seriously his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Refreshing take on "purple states"..