February 09, 2007

A New Day in America by Steven Samuels

Dear friends, today we live in uncertain times. The world today is full of problems, uncertainty, and violence. Currently, our position in the world as leaders is being challenged by many and rightfully so. Our leaders in Washington have failed us and in failing us have failed those who look to America as a pillar of the international community.

However, there is still hope, the policies of failure are not irreversible there is still a chance for America to reclaim its position in the world as a champion of democracy, justice, and morality. To do this, we will need a leader that is wise and capable of making hard decisions that will benefit American citizens and will maintain our commitments to our allies. I can be this leader that America needs.

The war in Iraq has been a debacle for the U.S. and I believe that we must rectify the situation as quickly as possible in order to regain the prestige we lost when we started this war. We have long been champions of the international process mainly through the work of the United Nations; I believe that we must once again work within the international community to find the best solution to our problems. Once we rejoin the international process we can begin to heal the divisions caused by our illegal war and reclaim the position we once had amongst nations.

In our age of interdependence we cannot afford to undertake selfish unilateral actions that could lead to destabilization of countries and regions. As responsible global citizens it is our duty to work democratically within the global community towards peace. I thank you, and hope you will vote for a better tomorrow for America.


Anonymous said...

Interesting approach, the multilateral way. Even if the US is the most powerful country in the world today, it can't be the world's bully or policeman. Besides, we don't have enough conventional forces to do it all by ourselves.

Besides, if you want to be a leader you have to have command respect not just fear.

Steven Parris Samuels said...

Very correct. On a smaller level the population of the U.S. is so varied that we can not have ONE cohesive view of any issue. It is advisable for as many viewpoints as possible to be heard and the best course of action chosen by a COMPETENT leader. Whenever it is we get one of those...if ever.