February 10, 2007

The People's Candidate, Tom Immich

I am happy to announce that I will be running as a candidate for the 2008 election, and I will represent the Republican Party, however my goal for this election is to represent you, the people! I will try to reach out to everybody and make this presidency the presidency of and for the people, as promised so many years ago! Many people do not know who I am but I am a student at Pace University. I am a political science major and I feel I can lead this country. I may be young, but I am sure I can fix the mistakes of our past presidents.

Now I know our party has heavy abortion policies, however I want to find a middle ground where an abortion can be considered acceptable, at the same time protecting the feelings of those who believe it’s unjust to abort a child for any reason, as many of my supporters would say. For this I will need to do some research within the scientific community and I will strive to make a solution that will work, but I cannot promise that immediately.

I would also like to work on our energy situation. This is very important as many people know because we are having trouble maintaining our energy standards. I will champion using alternative fuels. I will push for advancements in research and I will put more resources into this project. This is a major crisis facing the country that demands immediate attention because the consequences of inaction would be disastrous.

Another thing I want to address is our national debt. We have so much trouble with this we need to control its unprecedented highs. It is becoming too much of a burden and we need to cut costs for some government programs or raise more money. I encourage people to not to worry, this will not result in a tax increase. I want to try and maintain current tax standards, and maybe even lower them if we can.

Our current foreign policy is shattered. There are problems and we have to solve them, now! We have made a huge mistake going into Iraq, and I want to fix this situation. We need to get our troops out of there in a timely fashion, and admit that we cannot win against the Iraqi extremists. What we need to do is simply pull out and admit we were wrong. There is no more hope for Iraq. We must abandon those who want to see democracy thrive in their country. There are too many sects and cults in that territory that they will fight until every last person is dead. This is a harsh reality, however it’s the truth. Staying in there will only further anger the opposition and we will sacrifice American lives. It is not our job to create democracy, but to maintain it. We cannot force change, especially when they feel their system has worked for centuries.

I hope you agree with me. I am very open to suggestions from all people and I will do my best to make this a presidency that works directly for the people, not for myself and personal vendettas. I ask that you nominate me to be the headlining presidential candidate for the Republican Party to lead our country!


Eddy said...
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wendel said...

Only if anyone in the Republican party today would dare say these views...